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2022.11.24 20:22


“finding treasure made easy”

Learn How To Here Where To Metal Detect Click here Find Where to go metal detecting here

Sometimes the hardest part is finding where to go metal detecting

Let Me Help!

Learn how to metal detect click here

How to Date Railroad Spikes (A Really Cool Find)

I have always been fascinated by the railroad and its evolution over the last few centuries. And one of its main components that have not changed much over the years Read More

A Guide to Using Dowsing Rods for Finding Water

Dowsing is a process that has been used to find underground water and minerals for centuries. The Tassili Caves in Northern Africa show an 8,000-year-old cave painting of a man Read More

What is a Tombac Button? (Amazing Metal Detecting Find)

Tombac buttons are a great item to find while you are metal detecting. I, personally, have never found one, simply because I live on the western side of the country . Read More Read all about Metal detecting gear click here

Are Metal Detectors Waterproof? (Treasure Underwater!)

It seems like a lot of the spots I like to metal detect involve water. Beaches, rivers and one of my favorite places canoe takeout’s. A little alcohol and a Read More

The Titan GER 1000 Review (And A Few Tips on its Use)

From Australia, the metal detecting industry received the glory that is Minelab, and from Germany came the GER Detect Company. The Titan GER 1000 is one of their advanced models Read More

18 Best Metal Detecting Books (PLUS FREE PDFs)

It’s one thing to be interested in the art and skill of metal detecting, but it’s another thing to find the resources you need to help you get started. I’ve Read More Looking For WHERE to Metal Detect? Click Here

Metal Detecting on Emerald Isle, NC (Maps Where to Go)

Emerald Isle is among the most beautiful beaches in North Carolina. Emerald Isle is a perfect place to visit for vacations, boasting brilliant waters, fine sand, and a stretching coastline . Read More

Metal Detecting Land Trust Explained

Metal detection is one of the best hobbies and professions for the nature wanderer, but before we let you out in the field, allow us to have the concept of Read More

Can You Metal Detect on Oak Island, Nova Scotia?

The shoreline of Nova Scotia is occupied by some of the world’s most beautiful small islands, with one of the most popular among metal detecting enthusiasts being Oak Island. Oak Read More

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